Modus vitae

my artistic experience oscillates between audiovisual installation and a sculpture of the thing / the body and the writing emerging from the observation and thought of everyday life, close and strange of the relationships with the other and the same / the sequence of work starts with the body, objectual and linguistic essay of the autobiography / a phrase that could help to define my quest – personally and professionally- would be “the poetics of space” / now I’m not thinking about Gaston Bachelard, though I have / I’m talking about a space understood as place, topos / being –room, terrain, body, page, language- in white, open, about beginnings, in experience / a space habitat where thoughts, life and work coexist / a poetics of doing of everyday life / looking for and learning forms and modes of doing, of presenting my closest context / of building from my reality as a person, friend, fellow, daughter, sister, woman / who I am now have been accompanied by mistaken and correct movements from literature, the countryside and the city, the sonorous, the image-time, the installation, thought, the poetic object / further or closer to installation and sculptural intervention (spatial), projecting and presenting landscapes, gardens, vegetable gardens, utopias and atopies which from reality attempt to place themselves in a personal imagery with collective reminiscences / the word, written or spoken is driven to fondness by saying, looking for my own concept that traces my movements / drawing a map, placing relationships, giving room, space, position, to things and beings / this relationship emerges as a vanishing point and revision of the everyday object which is presented as a transposition to reality, concealed behind an autopoetic “topos” / the object as fulfilment of the self-utopia / beyond concern for the attitude or the work / intuition dominates the very idea of life –day by day- / the relationship between one and others in a given space / the initial movement from which communication among one and others is perpetuated, reproduced or reinvented / the rules of coexistence [of my place as a woman] talk about the relationship with my family and friends / the objects point at the terrain, the city, the house, one's own body / and inform me where I am, where I am heading to, what I am allowed to and what I am forbidden to do / posture becomes attached to what is taking place in the present / that attitude / characterised by the quest of a fair existence in connection with the circumstances / it invents and works with ways of thinking and life forms where I find new references to the world / it is necessary to take hold of and resist the present / but also shape what was lived, building everyday life same as when kneading the sourdough / it would be a precarious position / creating possible correspondences between the fugitive and the long-lasting / the outside and the inside / the there and the here/ the other and the same / are combined through one’s own looks and experiences to negotiate with oneself and the other: the stranger to one’s self.