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Between the hands

Susana, Viridiana and Tristana: between the hands.
Holga Méndez

Literally "what is between the hands of the protagonists" of the three films by Luis Buñuel: Susana (demonio y carne), 1951; Viridiana, 1961; Tristana, 1970. Three films named after women. Between them there are "almost" ten years, two sister countries and cultures, Mexico and Spain. In the relation of objects, things, materials that pass, rub, touch, touch, take, carry, carry, carry or embrace "the hands", the peculiarity of the contexts is observed, how in one and the other environment objects are exchanged, or the bodily or objectual predominance of the scenery or props. In these everyday and anecdotal objects, the aim has been to pay attention and create a rosary of words, an inventory of things, which move and change places and protagonists throughout the almost 90 minutes in each of the three films. The reading of the words recreates another order of vision, a-another memory of the action and the plot, which the gesture dramatises or dominates the scene. The postimage places, situates, the hands: a, before, under, with, against, of, under, in, on, above, between, towards, for, by, over, after... las, las, la, el, los, una, un, unas...

Rejas. Woman. Door. Hair. Body. Grille. Dress. Grille. Floor. Fence. Branches. Water. Soil. Cloth. Glass. Match. Candle. Jar. Glasses. Handkerchief. Insect. Hands. Dish. Bread. Hands. Bowl. Dish. Mare. Poncho. Hat. Cards. Ball of yarn. Napkin. Knife. Glass. Cigarette. Cards. Hat. Hands. Body. Cushion. Bottle. Cloth. Bucket. Rag. Blanket. Shoulders. Arms. Waist. Door. Table. Body. Blanket. Cup. Blanket. Sheet. Plant. Wheelbarrow. Reins. Hat. Scissors. Plants. Pouch. Basket. Apron. Hands. Body. Basket. Hair. Body. Whip. Door. Eggs. Hair. Ladder. Apron. Body. Shoulder. Apron. Waist. Basket. Door. Waist. Hat. Shirt. Sleeve. Apron. Blouse. Hair. Book. Plant. Cage. Basket. Blouse. Dress. Cage. Reins. Belt. Saddle. Card. Cloth. Window. Skirt. Ladder. Rifle. Door. Glass. Shotgun. Cloth. Skirt. Bucket. Hat. Drawer. Screwdriver. Candlestick. Dishes. Cloth. Cigarette. Dress. Clothes. Iron. Sheets. Handkerchiefs. Basket. Blouse. Shoulders. Door. Books. Ladder. Hands. Book. Body. Shoulders. Neck. Shoulders. Shirt. Grille. Window. Arms. Window. Grille. Basket. Waist. Arms. Body. Basket. Shoulder. Handkerchief. Body. Wood. Prescription. Magnifying glass. Ganapan. Stone. Book. Hand. Dress. Box. Ganapan. Wall. Well. Shoulders. Whip. Shoulders. Ladder. Dress. Handkerchief. Hair. Shotgun. Blouse. Skirt. Leg. Hand. Waist. Handkerchief. Lantern. Door. Jacket. Handkerchief. Window. Body. Hat. Lantern. Book. Head. Hands. Arms. Face. Door. Lantern. Cigarette. Candle. Knees. Handkerchief. Hands. Lamb. Syringe. Reins. Whip. Pack. Hat. Saddle. Arms. Shoulders. Hair. Waist. Body. Whip. Shirt. Belt. Dress. Hand. Hand. Dress. Bouquet of flowers. Vase. Knitting needles. Yarn. Hands. Door. Reins. Pack. Gown. Sheets. Cup. Door. Jacket. Trousers. Cigarettes. Matches. Water. Bucket. Hook. Box. Apron. Door. Headband. Head. Hands. Comb. Waistband. Handkerchief. Tureen. Blouse. Hair. Napkin. Cup. Ladle. Napkin. Hand. Spoon. Shoulders. Neck. Cigarette. Handkerchief. Hands. Body. Dress. Hair. Shoulders. Head. Door. Cup. Handkerchief. Hands. Mirror. Arms. Shoulders. Door. Hands. Dress. Arms. Door. Table. Hands. Dress. Handkerchief. Hands. Door. Whip. Dress. Door. Sheet. Waist. Whip. Door. Window. Arms. Hat. Table. Shoulders. Belt. Oz. Arms. Body. Napkin. Hand. Face. Hat. Table. Hand. Chair. Napkin. Tray. Hat. Belt. Arms. Window.

Glasses. Letter. Rope. Hands. Cord. Organ. Carpet. Net. Dress. Shoes. Stockings. Door. Shawl. Suitcase. Cross. Crown of thorns. udders. Vase. Basket. Cane. Shoe. Bouquet. Corset. Dress. Basket. Ball of yarn. Needles. Ashes. Brush. Jacket. Cup. Napkin. Cloth. Crumb. Buttons. Flask. String. Knife. Peeling. Plate. Apple. Candlestick. Dress. Veil. Matches. Lantern. Veil. Arm. Tocadiscos. Shawl. Spoon. Saucer. Cup. Door. Blanket. Cheese. Cup. Body. Veil. Handrail. Match. Door. Blanket. Curtain. Head. Glass. Door. Chair. Sheets. Suitcase. Clothes. Crucifix. Key. Door. Waistcoat. Dressing gown. Sheets. Head. Suitcase. Veil. Diavolo. Paper. Pen. Beard. Ticket. Door. Face. Rope. Cloth. Apron. Tray. Rope. Plate. Jug. Towel. Window. Shoulders. Rosary. Glasses. Door. Girl. Hat. Shawl. Organ. Bag. Gloves. Hands. Coins. Towel. Shoe. Brush. Bucket. Pipe. Jacket. Tureen. Napkin. Ladle. Knife. Candlestick. Glass pitcher. Earthenware jug. Dishes. Stick. Spoon. Guitar. Plates. Glass. Knife. Arm. Sleeve. Shoulder. Cane. Knife. Hat. Bread. Rope. Rosary. Door. Cigar. Crate. Crown of thorns. Cross. Shawl. Bed. Door. Key. Curtain. Window. Brush. Box. Coins. Cloth. Stick. Tape measure. Dog. Banknotes. Rope. Box. Cotton. Bandages. Watch. Brush. Knife. Watch. Sheets. Purse. Crucifix. Knife. Dog. Hands. Saw. Mallet. Cart. Towel. Handkerchief. Hands. Keys. Clothes. Chairs. Jacket. Hat. Handkerchief. Key. Door. Girl. Cigarette. Knife. Potato. Garlic. Cane. Firewood. Guitar. Knife. Apple. Pigeon. Stones. Pipe. Forks. Tablecloth. Chair. Candlestick. Cup. Meat. Wine bottle. Cane. Bottle. Guitar. Hands. Glasses. Hair. Girl. Hair. Shoulders. Clothes. Fountains. Plates. Spoons. Candlestick. Napkin. Skirt. Discs. Spoon. Feathers. Veil. Cigarette. Cup. Jacket. Cap. Veil. Plate. Napkin. Cane. Jacket. Body. Door. Record player. Knife. Chair. Bottle. Rope. Shovel. Wardrobe. Clothes. Banknotes. Spoon. Saucer. Cup. Mirror. Hair. Jacket. Door. Firewood. Crown of thorns. Needle. Thread. Trousers. Towel. Door. Jacket. Cards. Hands.

Handbag. Gloves. Hands. Jacket. Hands. Arm. Apple. Cane. Moustache. Basket. Hat. Sheet. Dog. Door. Shawl. Curtain. Hands. Hat. Christ. Box. Scores. Portrait. Bucket. Shawl. Handbag. Cane. Frame. Cloth. Coat. Shoes. Slippers. Hands. Door. Sword. Back. Pan. Dish. Ladle. Spoon. Skimmer. Door. Skirt. Wall. Railing. Bell. Clapper. Sheets. Lips. Shoulders. Sheets. Slippers. Gown. Head. Chest. Nightgown. Matches. Cigar. Hands. Cloak. Hat. Trousers. Waistcoat. Mug. Watch. Cup. Cup. Sugar cubes. Score. Table. Handle. Cap. Hat. Cap. Glasses. Newspaper. Slippers. Slippers. Napkin. Egg. Basket. Bread. Fork. Spoon. Hands. Bottle. Glass. Knife. Bread. Salt shaker. Tureen. Silver. Picture. Paper. Waistcoat. Feather. Cloth. Hands. Arm. Stole. Arm. Portfolio. Column. Arm. Statue. Hat. Arm. Shoulder. Grinder. Pin. Coat. Dog. Iron. Clothes. Water. Arms. Body. Door. Dress. Stockings. Dog. Door. Reins. Bugle. Stones. Swords. Brazier. Door. Arm. Cap. Handkerchief. Eyedropper. Spoon. Blanket. Flask. Bathrobe. Sheets. Scarf. Hands. Door. Glass. Napkin. Bowl. Fork. Spoon. Purse. Coin. Cap. Hands. Fork. Chickpeas. Gloves. Cane. Cigar. Gloves. Wallet. Hand. Grille. Shoe. Shawl. Glasses. Pockets. Porrón. Palette. Brushes. Gun. Hands. Arm. Cupboard. Sponge. Towel. Tie. Sheet. Pockets. Waistcoat. Needles. Thread. Spoon. Vest. Walking stick. Satchel. Hammer. Files. Bar. Jacket. Door. Buttons. Water. Hands. Gloves. Wallet. Shawl. Door. Gloves. Body. Matches. Cups. Hat. Hands. Conch. Easel. Picture. Tubes of oil paint. Portfolio. Hat. Gloves. Door. Arms. Face. Shirt. Door. Key. Shawl. Door. Trousers. Hat. Fork. Plate. Brush. Comb. Coat. Walking stick. Hat. Door. Slippers. Shoulders. Hands. Handbag. Coat. Jacket. Tie. Collar. Lanyard. Pockets. Hat. Handbag. Arms. Cups. Bowls. Plate. Fork. Body. Table. Apple. Knife. Coat. Hat. Walking stick. Gloves. Shoulder. Newspapers. Coins. Clothes. Canvas. Rope. Door. Jacket. Pockets. Gloves. Face. Cane. Hat. Hat. Handbag. Banister. Shawl. Handkerchief. Cane. Pen. Purses. Arm. Bottle. Cup. Tray. Coffee pot. Cup. Hand. Cigarette. Orange peel. Napkin. Folder. Briefcase. Jacket. Hat. Walking stick. Paper. Door. Waistcoat. Duster. Towels. Sheets. Handkerchiefs. Briefcase. Jewellery box. Sheets. Leg. Cloth. Piano. Arm. Glasses. Envelope. Feather. Shoulders. Newspaper. Coin. Cup. Chair. Hat. Walking stick. Pencil. Cane. Door. Piano. Sleeve. Window. Head. Skirt. Pockets. Nape. Coat. Hat. Box. Gloves. Walking stick. Leg. Hands. Crutches. Earrings. Tie. Door. Hands. Cane. Wheelchair. Shawl. Cane. Scarf. Cane. Shoulder. Chair. Hat. Canes. Coat. Water. Jacket. Blouse. Lipstick. Mirror. Door. Curtain. Shoulder. Mirror. Hairpins. Stones. Bra. Bra. Crutches. Window. Waistcoat. Gown. Mouth. Hands. Baton. Gloves. Hat. Cup. Apron. Sheets. Pillow. Flask. Walking stick. Tray. Door. Cane. Hands. Roulette. Wafers. Wheelchair. Trolley. Baby. Bucket. Spoon. Crutches. Tray. Tablecloth. Napkin. Pitcher. Spoon. Saucer. Cup. Tablets. Jug. Cup. Sugar cubes. Glass. Napkin. Spoon. Cup. Cigarette. Sheets. Crutches. Peg. Chest. Shoulder. Door. Telephone. Crutches. Shoulder. Window. Handbag. Gloves. Hand.

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This work is part of the research carried out as part of the project "Estación Buñuel: origen y destino", supported by a Research Grant in the 2015 Call of the Fundación Universitaria "Antonio Gargallo". It is included in the publication of the same title Estación Buñuel: origen y destino, FUAG, Teruel, 2016.